12 Weeks/12 Workshops

The Makers Program provides Black & Latino artists with resources and guidance to empower themselves through building scalable product-based businesses.


Wk 1: Legal Clinic

Makers will learn how to form a legal entity and understand associated tax requirements.

Wk 2: Branding

Makers will learn how to build brand identity and establish a cohesive identity reinforced across platforms.

Wk 3: Marketing

Makers will learn how to identify their target market and leveraging free platforms (social media, earned media) for exposure.

Wk 4: Wholesale & Pricing

Makers will learn how to pitch retailers, create line sheets and develop sustainable pricing structures.

Wk 5: Display

Makers will learn how to set up for booth displays, retail setup, and general presentation.

Wk 6: Manufacturing

Makers will learn how to approach and handle manufacturing for their handmade items with regards to scalability.

Wk 7: Finances

Makers will learn bookkeeping best practices, budgeting, and projections.

Wk 8: Raising Capital

Makers will learn how to raise funding through equity-free sources.

Wk 9: Planning

Makers will learn how the importance of business planning, goal setting, strategy and creating projections.

Wk 10: Networking

Makers will learn how to create strategic connections & build meaningful professional relationships.

Wk 11: Review

Makers will share, critique, and receive feedback and reflect in preparation for final week.

Wk 12: The Makers Mart

Makers will introduce their products to the community & local retailers, test market with live feedback, and celebrate!

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