Magazine Round-Up

It seems there’s been an increasing interest in indie magazines as of late. In our desire for the authentic, I can understand why. There’s nothing like the experience of physically holding a book or magazine in your hands. Here is my round-up of lesser known, but absolutely worthy black & brown owned magazines. One more way for you to support & simultaneously stay up on culture.

Off Kilter.

Self described as:

Off-Kilter is an intimate movement of artists, designers, and seekers of individual truth. It’s a space where all bodies, ideas, and passions can find representation. Off-Kilter is a collective of difference fueled by forward thinking and an exploration of what it means to be a starving artist; a time and place to ask, “What are we starving for?”

Get it: For $12. Here.


Self described as:

CIRCUS is for the defiant artist–featuring the trending and the undiscovered.

Get it: For $28. Here.


Self described as:

HANNAH magazine is a space where Black women can find comfort in our skin. A place for us to just BE.

Get it: For $46. Here.


Self described as:

LeveL-Up! Magazine caters to the underground music scene and targets urban dwelling artists, photographers, models, and trendsetters.

Get it: For $20. Here.


Self described as:

DELUX is the ultimate urban lifestyle guide to new music, fashion, living, culture, trends, and art. Delux Magazine is your exclusive passport to what’s hot around the world without leaving your own home.

Get it: Free. Here.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!