Why does it matter?

A strong brand creates a roadmap that keeps you on the right track, you check with your brand identity before something makes the cut. It insures that your communication is consistent and identifiable. It defines what you’re business will be ‘known for’ and tells customers what to expect. Your brand is a combination of your products, visuals, and messaging repeated over time.

What can you focus down on within your field that you can specialize in and become known for? Don’t focus on trying to appeal to everyone. When you try to attract everyone you end up talking to no one. You want to pick one target and speak specifically to them.


Telling a story

How do you want your customers to feel? This will give you greater clarity on the kind of business you want to have. You’re creating a story, painting a picture for your followers or customers and taking them on an experience. This is how you tap into emotions, people buy based on emotions first and foremost. Tell stories about people, not the product.

Think about the core emotions you want to capture. What colors and fonts should you use? Do you want it to be simple and clean or busy and exciting? What kind of voice will your brand have- funny, witty, technical, poetic? What does your packaging communicate? What about your pricing, what does that communicate? Are you targeting luxury customers, bargain hunters, impulsive shoppers, etc? What kind of value does your price communicate? All of these things come together to create an experience. They paint a picture of a certain lifestyle or experience that tie back to emotions.

Everything your customer comes into contact with should tie together and consistently reinforce your key emotions and create a seamless experience. Think of this as a picture frame through which you will filter every business decision.


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